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People ask why they should buy Hasselmanís honey. There is plenty of cheap honey on the market. If a person is looking for quality honey, they have to look a little harder. The market niche that we have created is quality. Our honey house, where we extract and bottle our honey, is inspected once a year by a state health inspector. He has made the statement several times that we have the cleanest operation he has inspected. This means that we are state licensed. Another quality control step we do is send our honey to be cultured for bacteria. I am proud to say we are one of the few producers that have a zero bacteria count. This is because we use all stainless steel equipment and a clean-up procedure to keep things clean. Honey spills and honey from the drip pallets is fed back to the bees-not bottled. We donít use matricides or chemicals in our hives. We also rotate the wax out on a five yeas basis, starting with new wax.

We only sell our own honey. There are no standards for imported honey. This means the United States can be a dumping ground for world honey. Imported honey can be adulterated with corn syrup or other contaminates.

We donít overheat our honey. We keep the temperature around 120F. The flavor of honey comes from the oils from the nectar in the plant. If you use high heat, the oils volatize and evaporate out of the honey causing flavor loss. Honey is a sugar and burns easily. Over heated honey turns dark and the pollens and nutrients can be destroyed.


Our flower sources are white Dutch clover, basswood trees and alfalfa with a mix of wild flowers. We have a light colored honey with a mild flavor